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What is the Technology?

The Greentek Australia System is a Hydrogen Emission Reduction System that has been designed to improve the Greenhouse Gs emissions of a vehicle or machine that uses hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel.

The system is easily installed and consists of a hydrogen cylinder and a proprietary control system that manages the supply and delivery of hydrogen to the air intake.

Whilst the system is relatively basic, the benefits are great.

In an internal combustion engine, fuel and air are mixed and at the right time, ignited by either a spark or by the heat of compression. The engine control system ensures that the amount of fuel and air are correct to achieve the required power and emissions.

However, in practise, the restrictions imposed by emission regulations as well as the fuel characteristics, optimum efficiency is never reached.

With the addition of a small amount of hydrogen to the mixture, the energy transfer rate is greatly improved causing improved combustion of the fuel.

The Greentek Australia System delivers the optimum amount of hydrogen across all operating ranges to ensure that the combustion process is optimised for all operating conditions.

The result is that the engine burns cleaner and the thermal efficiency of the engine and fuel is maximised.

The overall effect is that less fuel is needed to produce the same power  when compare to no hydrogen. The improved combustion also results in less unburnt fuel, less carbon and other harmful emissions.

Greentek Australia has the first, proven, hydrogen based emission reduction system.