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About Us

Greentek Australia specialises in the development of ground-breaking technology to reduce emissions from any vehicle or equipment that uses an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

About Us

Greentek Australia is an Australia company that produces one of the most innovative fuel and emission saving solutions, the first of its kind in the world.

We bring you a solution to improve engine operational costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We take pride in our product and supported by the feedback that we have received from many who have tested and use the system, know that our system brings to the world the means to reduce negative carbon emissions from road and industrial engines.

We are about making things better for industry and for people. Better for everyone.

The Facts



The Greentek Australia System is new, and as such, we are providing as much information to support your decision to use it

Please review the following

  • Safety devices have been incorporated into the Greentek Australia System design to mitigate, if not eliminate, all risks to your personnel and vehicles.
  • Some of the safety devices are:
  • Overheat detectors (in case of overheating or fire)
  • Automatic shutdown whenever any detector is triggered
  • Indicator to operator should such unlikely situation occurs
  • Emergency Shut Down Switch for First Responders
  • Built in code in the software in the event of any system issue.
  • Gas Leakage detectors
  • Ventilation provisions
  • Cylinder Mounting to the vehicle in compliance with the AS/NZS 2739
  • Adherence to all standards and regulations such as
  • ISO/TR 15916:2015
  • UNR 134E
  • EC79
  • ISO 19881:2018
  • ISO 26142:2010

The Greentek Australia System must be installed by an Approved Installer, such as

  • A State or Territory Approved CNG Authorised Installer having completed the Greentek Australia Installation Course.
  • Where a State or territory has no CNG authorisations, an Installer Approved and certified as competent by Greentek Australia.
  • If your organisation employs an Approved Gas Fitter, that Gas Fitter may install the system after completing the Greentek Australia Installers Course.
  • Greentek Australia covers the warranty for the Proprietary Flow Control Unit.
  • The components installed from other suppliers are covered by the original equipment manufacturer warranty.
  • The gas supply company that owns and refills the cylinder covers the hydrogen cylinder warranty.
  • Greentek Australia will not be held liable for errors in installation or non-adherence to instructions by installers or operators nor for any damage incurred by actions performed by unapproved installers.
  • Greentek Australia has appropriate insurance to cover any unlikely damage to the engine or vehicle that can be directly attributed to the design and operation of the Greentek Australia System.
  • The Installation, Operation and Safety of the Greentek Australia System is important to us. As such, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as TAFE will carry out training of installers who will be certified as competent with the Greentek Australia Quality Management System.
  • A training package has been developed for ALL personnel that may come in contact with hydrogen gas and the operation equipment fitted with the Greentek Australia System.
  • Greentek Australia ensures that the following are provided with the Greentek Australia System KIT


Operators’ Handbook

  • The Installer is required to provide instructions on the operation of the system
  • Safety handbook
  • Included with the System kit.

Typical Infrastructure