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How it Works

How it Works

Hydrogen is part of the hydrocarbon fuel chemical structure.

Hydrogen burns with a fast flame rate

Hydrogen is used to improve the rate of energy transfer when added to a combustion process.

Hydrogen, when added to an engine causes the fuel to burn faster and more completely.

The Greentek Australia Hydrogen Based emission Reduction System is the only proven system that reduces Greenhouse gas emissions and improves fuel efficiency for internal combustion engines

Commercially Available for Industry 

The Greentek Australia System uses hydrogen that is 99.99% pure. Hydrogen is commercially available from all gas companies and is produced in large quantities and is normally sold in cylinders.

The hydrogen we use, is stored in high pressure cylinders that ensures sufficient hydrogen is on board. The purity of the hydrogen ensures that we can maximise safety. Additionally, high levels of Safety have been designed into the system which exceeds all approved standards.

Some may have heard of hydrogen that is produced “on board” using electrolysis. The gas produced is call “Browns Gas” which is a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.


If Hydrogen is mixed with oxygen, even small amounts, it becomes dangerous and will ignite easily. Whilst this is ok inside a combustion chamber, the risk is extremely high the gas may be exposed to ignition sources before it gets to the combustion chamber. To date, there have been no safety standards for these systems to follow.

Additionally, the energy required to produce the Browns Gas almost absorbs most of the energy released, so is inefficient and the

Because the Greentek Australia System uses commercially available gas, there are no energy losses inherent in systems using electrolysis to provide the hydrogen.

Role of Computer Chip System in the Technology

The Greentek Australia System uses micro computer technology to automatically control the flow of hydrogen into the engine, without manual intervention, to ensure that the optimum flow is maintained for all engine operating conditions.


Engine Start

The system only turns the hydrogen ON when the engine is actually running.

When the engine is not running, there is no Hydrogen flow



The system ensures that hydrogen is flowing when the engine is idling. When the engine is idling, the engine efficiency is very poor. The addition of hydrogen at idle improves the operation of the engine significantly.



Under acceleration, the amount of fuel and air used in the engine varies. The Greentek Australia System ensures that the Hydrogen Flow varies in tune with the engine, thus ensuring that the engine is always operating with the best efficiency.


Engine Off

The Greentek Australia System automatically stops the flow of hydrogen when the engine is turned OFF or stalls